Painted Nails - $20 includes all paws

Hair Chalk - coming soon!

​Hair Dye - coming soon!

Hair Feather Extention - $5

​Hair Bows - $5

Freestyle Hair Design - starts at $5 varies on size


At Dee'Tails Dog Grooming we use a highly concentrated shampoo specifically made for dogs. Our shampoos and conditioners are free of soaps and detergents, and are non-toxic and biodegradable. The shampoos contain Aloe Vera, Vitamins A, D and B5 in a rich botanical complex. Upon each visit we assess which shampoo is best at that time for your dog. 

A bath and brush is as simple as that - a bath and a brush out. This service is great in between grooms or for dogs that just get super dirty and need a little touch up. 

A full groom service also known as "the works" includes the following: nails cut and grind, ears plucked and cleaned*, sanitary clip (cleaning bum and privates), hair from pads of feet clipped and cleaned out, bath** with quality shampoo and conditioner tailored to your dogs skin, high velocity drying, full body hair cut and scissoring to clean up the overall look.


At Dee'tails Dog Grooming we aim for a comfortable and pleasant experience for both you and your fur baby.

The shop is an open environment where dogs can interact with one another or rest on a bed or couch if they just want to relax. If you are more comfortable with your dog separated from the others, crates are available along with a fluffy fleece blanket that'll keep your dog cozy during his/her stay.

To make your dog more comfortable, we work One-on-One with each dog from beginning to end to provide quality service and build friendships. This is why we work by appointments only.

​Spaw Day

Hair under the eyes get cleaned out. Scissoring above eyes and clean up of mouth line.

Removing the hair around private area and bum.





* Hair from the ear canal is only plucked if there is build up or wax and/or mats. Healthy ears are not plucked unless requested. Please speak with your veterinarian about what he/she recommends for your dog.

**Anal glands expression is available upon request at no additional charge for full groom, tidy up, bath & brush services. Please speak with your veterinarian about what he/she recommends for your dog.



A tidy-up service is everything listed in a full groom** minus the full body hair cut. Feet and face still get scissored to clean up the lines.

This is a great option to help maintain a dogs length in between grooms or if you like your dog with a longer coat.


All nails cut and grinded down with a dremel to get them as short as possible without hurting your dog.

Clip the hair in between your pets pad for an extra $5